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(Pic by Luigi Ceccon)


Hello I’m Silvia, an illustrator based in Turin, Italy. My approach to illustration always follows a traditional creative process: my favorite technique is ink and watercolor on paper.

I also take care of the entire post-production process: I scan, work on layers, and through digitally retouch I prepare illustrations for printing through minimal interventions that allow me to keep them faithful to the original while maintaining spots and glazes of color on the paper.

Watercolor technique allowed me to depict figures, objects, landscapes and everything that inspires me with an almost gestural calligraphic painting: colors and brush strokes define the shapes.
My research proceeds in this direction.


Some of my clients are:

Camelozampa Publisher, Eataly, Frenesy Film Production, Synergie Italy, UN Security Management System, Neri Pozza Publisher, Donato Sansone/Max Cooper, RAI Fiction, BIC Group, Cook Corriere della Sera, Slow Food, Gribaudo Publisher